Loss Management

The Loss Management is one of the most important functions within the company, which essentially goes beyond the mere claims settlement with the insurers. The tasks of the Loss Management consist of several items and can also be understood as an Interface Management within the company.

The so-called “Active Loss Management” comprises especially the management and supervision of the necessary preservation of evidence, the process of damage repair, coordination and management of experts from our partner network and the establishment of internal interfaces to the technical, legal and commercial departments of the company.

Our services within the Loss Management cover essentially the following items:

  • Support for the absorption or enforcement of a claim respectively insured event of a project member respectively against a project partner (owner/client or contractor), which may arise subsequently due to a deviation from the primary project assignment. Deviations may occur with regard to agreed time schedules, costs and to be performed results respectively due to a combination of all three circumstances
  • Support for handling corporate or project related major claims including the preservation of evidence, coordination between the interfaces of technical, commercial and legal and settlement of possible insurance claims with the own insurers and/or clients’ insurers
  • Handling of major and special claims as well as reporting to the management and the management of the section “damages”
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