Energy & Utilities

Approximately 85% of the global demand for energy is covered by fossil fuels currently. The reasons for this are of technological as well as economic types. The global energy demand increases inexorably.

An increase of the demand for primary energy is foreseeable. Forecasts are being made on the basis of the expectation that the living standard in ambitious developing and emerging countries will be adjusted to the equal level of the living standards in the industrial nations.

Consequently, renewable energies will become more and more of outmost importance and will entail new challenges.

RE Energy Systems supports the execution of international energy plant projects also by the preparation of customized risk concepts for the introduction of new technology, further developments, innovations and plants for renewable energies. Especially the sector of renewable energies requires a high individual consideration for the insurance concepts in order to identify and secure sufficient insurance cover for the individual needs of the company. Examples for this are the hedging of possible performance guarantees and subsidies/operating income.

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